OLED Software Manuals

Welcome to the documentation of the Nanomatch OLED and OPV software stack. We did our best to wrap the complexity connected to modeling organic electronic device properties into a software that is easy to use while providing the required functionality. Due to the variety of possible applications, and the need to cover a huge scale of functionality, there is a vast number of possible settings of each simulation step. The first experience with our software may therefore be somewhat confusing (actually, we would be suprised otherwise...).

For those of you new to our software, we recommend to start with our First Steps section. If you are already familiar with the basic concept of our software and would like to target a specific use case, feel free to skip this section and go directly to either the documentations of the individual modules listed below, or the webinars and tutorials targeting specific use cases. If you would like to address a specific use case not covered by webinars/tutorials, please let us know (info@nanomatch.com).

The following pages contain information on the individual OLED Software modules Parametrizer, DihedralParametrizer, Deposit, QuantumPatch and LightForge that make up the parameter-free OLED simulation workflow. For each module, we provide:

  • a short introduction describing basic functionality
  • a quick-start guide to the GUI-based usage of the module (using SimStack)
  • a user guide to command line usage
  • how-to webinars on the usage of the module

Check the pages of individual modules for details.

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